Tigers over China

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The Flying Tigers were a small group of volunteers, part of a mass effort by the American, British, French, Soviet, Chinese, and Dutch to eliminate Imperial Japan from China. This American group became the hope for a battered China and a nightmare for the Japanese air force in just six months. Credited with over two hundred and ninety-six victories, and killing over one-thousand enemy airmen, The Flying Tigers slashed a gaping maw in the Japanese …

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…the Flying Tigers flew into history as one of the most successful fighter squadrons with respect to the conditions they were in. Outnumbered and outclassed, they overcame immeasurable odds, truly showing what American effort, when harnessed, can really accomplish. Although the Tigers dissipated and the Japanese took the land they defended, a fresh breath of hope was given to the Chinese in the form of protective angels flying above with tiger tails and sharp teeth