Three Kingdoms and Unified Silla - Korean History

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Humanities 2420: Introduction to Korean Culture - First Assignment The period during the Three Kingdoms and Unified Silla was a daunting time, that is, for people who were not of noble blood. Political and social structures such as governments, councils, and the military were systematically put in place, and removed at will by the power of the throne solely based on how it affected the upper crust of society. However, this consistency, and societal acceptance allowed …

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…Though this methodology was accepted (partly due to the introduction of Buddhism as the state culture), and preserved (due to the control of the military and the introduction of systematic governing bodies), it only looked after the welfare of high society. One, in which, favored the ruling class, and ignored the working one. But despite the unfairness, and impurities, the Three Kingdoms and Unified Silla existed, and thrived, in each of their respective time frames.