Thomas Jefferson

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In his family Thomas Jefferson couldn't number no titles to high or ancient backrounds. His ancestors, however, were of high respectability and among the first settlers of Virginia. They emigrated to america from Wales, and from near the mountain of Snowden. His grandfather was the first person we have any particular information on. He had three sons: Thomas, who died at a early age; Field, who lives on the waters of the Roanoke and left …

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…In philosophy he was firm, and neither troubling nor perhaps trusting anyone with his religious creed, he left the world to the conclusion that that religion must be good which could produce a life of such exemplary virtue. Hiss stature was of the middle size, well formed and proportioned, and the features of his face were manly, comely, and engaging. Such was George Wythe, the honor of his own, and the model of future times."