This paper is about the how the intelligence community functioned prior to the 9/11/01 attacks.

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INTELLIGENCE READINESS PRIOR TO 9.11.01 The National Security Act of 1947 spawned the birth of the United States' intelligence efforts, which were focused on Russia and other nuclear threats of the Cold War. During the Cold War terrorism existed in small groups sponsored by either rich private citizens or other countries that could afford the terrorist's employment. The problem that arrived after Russia's fall is that a new assortment of cheap weaponry became readily available to whoever …

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…of fighting the now even further powered terrorist organizations will be even greater. The efforts to fight terrorism will continue, but there doesn't appear to be an end. The United States intelligence community should pursue in continuance its goal in defeating terrorism because the results of another attack are far more than the American public is willing to bear. WORK CITED Lowenthal, Mark M. INTELLIGENCE: FROM SECRETS TO POLICY. 2nd Ed. Washington, DC: CQ Press, 2003.