This is breif history of important events in antarctica.

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AD 43- Pomponius Mela published a map of a supposed southern continent AD 700s- Canoeists from Polynesia might have viewed icebergs and pack ice from Antarctica 1773- Cook makes the first known crossing of the Antarctic Circle. He could not break through the ice so he sails right past Antarctica but doesn't see the actual continent. 1810- Hasslburgh discovers Macquarie Island, which is about 800 kilometres from the Tasmanian coast. A shipwreck is found which probably …

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…- The first mainland base is established by Australia, named Mawson in honour of the countries most famous Antarctic explorer 1956- first Russian base is established at Mirny 1957-Sir Vivian Fuchs from the UK leads the first land crossing of Antarctica 1959- Twelve nations sing the Antarctic treaty, which says that Antarctica can only be used for peaceful scientific purposes. 1991- The Madrid Protocol is created which means it is prohibited to mine in Antarctica.