This is about wheter the world is over populated or not.

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Is the World Overpopulated or Not? Many ecologists view human overpopulation as the foundation of all environmental problems. Thus many believe the most important environmental groups in the world to be ones like Zero Population Growth (ZPG). On the opposing side would be Population Research Institute (PRI). According to Zero Population Growth web site, "currently at 263 million, the U.S. population is growing by about 2.5 million people each year, making the United States one of …

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…to demand that we cut back our numbers" (Mosher, 2001). Population Research Institute and Zero Population Growth web sites have very differing opinions about population. In my opinion, when there are people who can't feed themselves, then there is definitely a problem with overpopulation. According to Enger and Smith, "Even if industrialized countries continue to use a disproportionate share of the world's resources, the amount available per person will decline as population rises" (Enger et. al. 2000).