This is a review of the life of female writer Charlotte Bronte. Her most popular work was "Jane Eyre."

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Charlotte Bronte Charlotte was the third child of six of Patrick Bronte and Maria Branwell. Both parents were literary. Her mother died of cancer when she was young. Her aunt, Elizabeth Branwell, moved in to the family home to raise the children until she died in 1842. Charlotte and three of her sisters were sent away to Clergy Daughters' School at Cowan Bridge, where conditions were so bad that Maria and Elizabeth, the two oldest girls, …

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…Charlotte's brother Branwell died. Shortly after that, her sisters, Emily and Anne, died of tuberculosis. Charlotte was left alone and didn't have her siblings to share in her success. She eventually married her father's curate, Arthur Bell Nichols, in 1854. Charlotte felt that her life was no longer her own in marriage. Towards the end of the year, Charlotte became pregnant. She became ill and bedridden by March of 1855. She died during her pregnancy on March 31, 1855.