This is a process essay, explaining how the construction of a rhythmic gymnastics routine is done.

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What we see is not always all there is Contrary to its appearance, a rhythmic gymnast's routine is very complex. Once one understands the rules and regulations of building such a routine, one will appreciate viewing it much more, seeing not only the beauty of the sequence, but also the hard work that has been put in to make a harmonic, synchronized routine. A routine is usually between eighty and ninety seconds; it is very …

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…gymnast can prove her abilities in a competition. One skill a gymnast learns through the training process is how to make her routine appear easy; the audience is usually credulous and does not realize the amount of work that has been put into constructing the routine. This is why, in order for one to appreciate such a routine to a greater extent, one must understand the arduous process that is the construction of the routine.