This is a position paper on General "Billy" Mitchell. It is done in the format specified in the "Tongue and Quill", a military book of standards on writing.

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POSITION PAPER ON GENERAL "BILLY" MITCHELL 1.This paper addresses the demonstration of General "Billy" Mitchell's USAF core values of service before self and integrity. General Mitchell displayed these core values in the face of adversity. He was one of the few airmen who knew the potential of the airplane and fought for his beliefs, even at the cost of his own career. 2.General Mitchell exhibited great courage and placed his service before himself during interservice …

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…support for his campaign. He improved his doctrine of air power, concepts and strategy, and he published material supporting strategic bombing. 4.General Mitchell is a hero in USAF history. He manifested the core values of the USAF to the highest degree, reflecting great credit upon himself. His work opened the eyes of many that were blind to the impending importance of airpower and ultimately paved the way for a separate, independent, United States Air Force.