This is a Compare/Contrast Essay on two vietnam veterans returning home after the Vietnam War.

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Coming Home We have read many different perspectives of the Vietnam War from our Negotiating Difference book. Many veterans have said that coming home was a terrible experience for them. I will compare and contrast Leslie McClusky's experience of returning home with that of Harold Bryant's experience. It's amazing to me how differently people felt about the war and their homecoming. Upon returning home Bryant and McClusky's stories were similar. Both had a tough time …

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…get out. She then thought about breaking her leg; she wasn't sure that would actually get her out. After a few weeks she did start to feel a little better about herself. She came to terms with only having six months left, so she did her job and looked forward to the end. Ironically enough once she was back home she wanted to return, she had become used to the way of life in Vietnam.