This essay will explain the school of liteary thought, Deconstruction.

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When people sit down to listen to their favorite CDs, read their favorite boks, or watch the latest blockbuster flick to reach cinemas, deconstruction is not an issue. However, behind nearly every lyrical verse, haunting between the lines of every chapter, and silently spoken by every actor is a type of metaphor, a method of expressing something without directly saying it. In the 20th century, Jacques Derrida gave this definition a word: deconstruction. For instance, …

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…well as philosophies, and gain a sense of literal meaning. According to Derrida, life is filled with metaphors--metaphors that exist in everything from literature to philosophy. Deconstruction opened the door for better understanding of the meaning behind words; deconstruction offers proof that words in the pages of classic literature exist only to contradict themselves and to say one point to shed light on another. Deconstruction, even according to its founder, is a contradiction in itself.