This essay supports male professional golfer Brian Kontak's attempt to play in this summer's US Women's Open.

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Brian Kontak is breaking down barriers. Kontak, a professional golfer, is fighting discrimination by trying to become the first man ever to play in an event on the professional women's tour. But he'll probably never be mentioned in the same sentence as Martin Luther King. The 31-year-old member of the Nationwide Tour (essentially a farm system for the PGA Tour) recently announced he would try to qualify for the US Women's Open in July, undoubtedly …

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…LPGA will be overrun by men and cease to exist. Common sense reveals this to be an unlikely scenario. A more likely outcome: Kontak will be denied the opportunity to play, but in turn, the PGA Tour will be forced to bar women from playing in its tournaments. Either way, Kontak will be a hero to men trying to grind out a living playing golf. and the Associated Press contributed to this column.