This essay is written about classifications of women in my school.

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Women Unhinged by Electrostasis It is very difficult to decipher the complex "code" of women, and even harder to comprehend their personalities. While you are intently scouring the Toledo High School campus for a significant other, there are some types of women to watch for and avoid. Great amounts of thought have brought me to conclude that there are 4 types of women to avoid here at THS. These include: the tyrant, the emotional, the chameleon, …

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…any of the categories above. If she does not, then you might have yourself a good prospect. Beware of the tyrant, the emotional, the chameleon, and the ditz. If your girlfriend is not in any of these categories, then she is normal. Thank God there are still some normal girls in this crazy world of ours. You may have a prosperous relationship going for yourself, but be wary of vipers in the field of love.