This essay is on the Black plague. It includes Where it started what its scientific name is and so on.

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<Tab/>The Bubonic Plague is still effecting people today. The scientific name for the Bubonic plague is Bacterium Yersinia Pestis. Bubonic Plague or Bacterium Yersinia Pestis is historically known as the Black death. This disease commonly occurs in the tropics today. Even though people can come down with this disease in the tropics today, It may be most feared for its potential as a biological weapon in modern day. The Soviet …

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…to the potential risk in the places we travel and the use of good hygiene we do not have to worry. <Tab/>Without question we have more concerns with the common viruses still existing in the western world today. Influenza and Chicken Pox are just two that take many lives each year. As stated in the book The Plague strikes, written by James Cross Giblin, The Enemy is alive and well.