This essay is about alternate energy sources. It discusses alternate and safe energy sources to replace oil.

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Energy Energies like fossil fuel and electricity are the life blood of the world. Countries who use them always try to find ways to make them faster and more efficiently. But what happens when we use our energy faster than we make it? We have a problem, no we have a crisis because everyone uses energy. We need to find a way to free ourselves from the terrible burden of buying oil from third world …

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…space. Although just a fraction of the crusted heat budget can now be commercially produced, it remains a near limitless energy supply that will surely become more accessible as technologies for its wider extraction inevitable improve with time (Hulan, Alternative Energy Sources on Public Lands). In short there are very few drawbacks to geothermal energy. Mainly the only reason that geothermal energy is not widely used is that many people do not know of it.