This essay deals with licenses, privacy, email privacy, copiright and the problems about it.

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COMPUTER LAW ------------------------------------------------------------------ Introduction The explosive growth of the Internet has already impacted the way society functions and has left us with many new laws. The laws involve Intellectual Property Rights (copyright), Cyberspace Law, Privacy, Commerce, Computer Fraud, Hacking as well as International Law. Below are a few examples. Copyright law Typically the primary means of affording legal protection for producers of computer programs, computers, computer systems, etc. is by copyright law. Copyright Issues Copyright …

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…Millenium Copyright Act to implement certain treaty requirements. Typically, the developed and to a lesser extent the developing countries are interested in protecting intellectual property, since it is a value national asset, whereas undeveloped nations obtain an economic benefit from using such assets without paying the going rate for them. As a nation begins to develop more and more intellectual property of its own, it begins to have a greater incentive to protect that property.