This essay I wrote for my English class. It describes the importance of Hamlet's soliloquys on his character development.

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Essay Topic: Review Hamlet's soliloquies and write an essay that summarizes the development of his tragic character through these speeches. Among some of the most exemplary and insightful passages in English literature exists the Hamlet soliloquies. They produce age-old questions that man seeks to answer, yet fears to be answered. Perhaps, among these examples the point is to analyse the questions and not the answers drawn. Through Hamlet each individual may choose their own truth, …

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…failure is his tendency to over evaluate instead of taking action to solve his dilemmas. Then again, does defending one's honour mean to revenge by equal fate? That is the another question Hamlet faced and being too lost he could not avoid the eventual corruption tainting all, until all was gone. That is the definition of a tragedy ; the hero Hamlet, eventually lost to his better nature due to that which was "amiss in Denmark."