Third Day of the Wolf

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Comparison on: “The Interlopers” and “The Third Day of The Wolf” The story “The Interlopers”, is about two men fighting over a strip of land. Ulrich von Gradwitz was the owner of the land. Georg Znaeym was the intruder. For many years these two families have never gotten along. By the end of the story, both men realize the they were both fighting over petty things. They really didn’t have a good reason to …

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…and finish reading the “story”. In both pieces the victims were in an unfamiliar area. The wolf in the city, and the men in the woods. Both had a moral the their stories. The poem mentioned how man uses guns and helicopters to help make them more powerful then nature. The story made me feel that its never to late to start over, you’re never to hateful to forgive and be the bigger man.