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In Things Fall Apart, the author Chinua Achebe shows the struggles of a village strong man, Okonkwo to achieve eternal greatness and keep the traditions of his village, Umuofia, alive. Okonkwo is portrayed as a person who strongly believes in the importance of showing one's strength and masculinity, and brands 'feminine' and 'weak' anything that does not come up to his standard. As the book progresses, he develops a severe animosity for the Christian missionaries …

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…out people? Why have they lost the power to fight?" Upon seeing all this weakness around him, Okonkwo ultimately lost hope, as the things that he inherently believed in (i.e. the need for aggression) had been forced into the background, and he killed himself. Thus, one can see how fate and the 'white man' collectively, destroyed Okonkwo. The latter being the falcon, lost his core, the will to fight, and plummeted into his doom.