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THERMOFORMING Thermoforming is one of many manufacturing processes that converts plastic resin into usable everyday products. Thermoforming is greatly relied on in today's society because of the tremendous need for high volume plastic products. Thermoforming is considered to be one of the most cost-effective processes in plastics manufacturing. Thermoforming is considerably economical because of the low molding costs and fast molding cycles. Speed and cost efficiency are the highlighted qualities that thermoforming offers which lead …

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…create external deep draws. It works well with all medium to heavy -gauge sheets. The processes mentioned are just a handful of the many thermoforming processes out in the industry today. Everyday better more reliable products are being manufactured by thermoforming methods. Improvements are consistently being applied to the different processes to ultimately create better products. Thermoformings place in the plastics industry will continue to remain strong because of the dynamics of its manufacturing process.