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Themes in Macbeth While reading the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare I found four basic themes. First, The detrimental force humans have on nature. Second, the impact of manhood. Third, the different ways Shakespeare used masks. And finally, the theme created by light versus dark. "Thunder and lightning." This is the description of the scene before Act I, Scene I. The thunder and lightning represent disturbances in nature. Most people do not think of a …

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…and children's ghosts will haunt me still." Macduff can't rest until he gets revenge on the killer of his family, something Malcolm and Fleance whose family was also killed by Macbeth didn't say. Macduff is the light that will soon come to a final climactic battle with the dark (Macbeth). There is also religious meaning to this: God against the devil, Macbeth being the devil. This theme is an epic battle of good vs. evil.