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In Life, education comes in all forms. A major theme of Toni Cade Barbara's “The Lesson” is that the most valuable lessons in life are those not learned in the classroom. This story is about an educated black women, named Ms. Moore, who takes the poor and underprivileged neighborhood children to FAO Schwarz. The children don’t want to go, but are forced to go by their parents. This theme is presented to us by …

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…mailbox to be separated from them. The major theme of “The Lesson” is how life's most important lesson are not always learned in the classroom. Bambara presented this theme by Using those three characters expecially Sylvia. Sylvia learned how she has to have pride in who she is and to succeed by being herself, not pretending to be someone else. This is “The Lesson” that Ms. Moore was trying to get through to the children.