The theme of manhood in "The Red Badge of Courage" by Stephen Crane.

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The Red Badge of Courage AP English Per. 1st Manhood is hard to describe and even harder to achieve. In Stephen Crane's book the theme of not only manhood, but also maturity is spread throughout the novel. The story's protagonist Henry Fleming becomes a man through the course of the book. Two other characters have great influence on the theme of manhood; they are examples to Henry while he fights his battles with the confederates …

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…the storyline. With out them being part of Henry's life he might have never been able to call himself a real man. Henry is lucky to have the two men as examples on his struggles through the war. Seeing someone do it first makes it easier for you to follow. Henry is a coach-able boy that turns into a learned man by the end of the book because of his ability to learn from others.