The signifigance of the title in the Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald.

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As the narrator and therefore the authoritative "namer" of the Great Gatsby, Nick attempts to rectify Gatsby's image; he urges the reader to ignore Gatsby's social status and see him for the "great" man Nick wants him to be. But, Gatsby is a tragic figure stuck in the middle of two worlds. Gatsby's lack of familial ties and his apparent economic success alienate from the lower class to which he used to belong. This is …

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…save Gatsby's "good name." Therefore, what we see as the "great Gatsby" through Nick eyes is a character held back by the social restrictions put on him by the impact of economic class distinctions of the 1920s; such restrictions are hard for people to ignore about Gatsby and will continue to be hard for many of us as well. The idea of upward social mobility is therefore impeded and left dead as Gatsby symbolically dies.