The revival of Jazz in South Africa

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Jazz is once again back on its feet in South Africa. After many years of cultural oppression due to Apartheid, jazz is slowly but surely finding its way back to popularity in South Africa. However, the road to reconstruction is apparently not a smooth one, as many jazz musicians and the entire jazz community are still running into problems in South Africa. Despite this, the progress that has already been made is incredible and the …

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…riding on nostalgia; the music has to keep on growing."(GERARD-139) Bibliography Bebey , Francis. " African Music : A People's Art." Simon & Schuster Publishing. New York , 1991. Gerard , Charley. " Jazz In Black and White. " Praeger Publishers, Wesport, C.T 1998 Goffin , Robert. "Jazz : From the Congo to the Metropolitan. " DA Capo Press, New York.,1975. Kebede , Ashenafi. " Roots of Black Music." Little, Brown & Company, New York, 1988. Neketia , J.H. Kwabena. " The Music of Africa." W.W. Norton Company, New York. 1974.