The origins of Astrophysics

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THE GREEKS The origins of astrophysics date back hundreds of years finding its base in religion and superstition which at the time were as far fetched as the other. Aristotle is one of the oldest referances we have In his books On the Heavens, and Physics, Aristotle put forward his notion of an ordered universe or cosmos. It was governed by the concept of place, as opposed to space, and was divided into two distinct …

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…year, he obtained the use of a suitable telescope, he published his observations of Jupiter's satellites under the title Narratio de Observatis Quatuor Jovis Satellitibus ("Narration about Four Satellites of Jupiter observed"). These tracts were an enormous support to Galileo, whose discoveries were doubted or denied by many. Both of Kepler's tracts were quickly reprinted in Florence. Kepler went on to provide the beginning of a theory of the telescope in his Dioptrice, published in 1611.