The marriage of Figaro review of a theater play

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The Marriage of Figaro I went to see this play at the NEW WORLD SCHOOL OF THE ARTS? theater, in Miami. The actors were all students of different ages, grades and experiences. As with many students? plays, the budget allowed to the play was apparently not very high. This factor, conjugated to the small size of the theater apparently did not allow for a realistic scenery or furniture. The 35? wide square proscenium stage where the …

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…yourself is: is it worth it? And that one I can confidently answer. Yes! So consider it as an alternative to the movies sometimes, you probably won?t regret it. And if it is going to be your first play, Le Marriage de Figaro is an excellent choice. You won?t get bored, you will laugh a lot and maybe even be touched a way or another by a character, a song, or a performance.