The magical world of Garcia Marquez.

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By MANOJ KUMAR In his world the demarcation between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy, dreams and consciousness disappear. Everyday characters and incidents look magical and magical spell look very real. His world is far form reality and yet nobody has probably depicted the reality as faithfully as he has. Welcome to the very world of García Márquez. The celebrated Latin American writer and winner of the Nobel Prize who was shot to …

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…a Death Foretold (1981), The General in his Labyrinth (1989), Strange Pilgrims (1992), Love and Other Demons (1994). Once again Márquez went to his journalistic roots with his book News of a Kidnapping( 1996) telling an involved story from his native Colombia. Today, García Márquez lives in Mexico with his wife and two sons. He is fighting with a deadly disease but he has not given his sprit. There is still a lot to come from him.