The life of rufus king

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The Life and Accomplishments of Rufus King When most people think about the founding fathers of the U.S. Constitution, they think of people such as George Washington, James Monroe, etc. However, there is one man whose name represents a man who had the ability to influence anyone. A man from the state of Massachusetts; a man named Rufus King. Rufus King was born in Sacaboro, MA in 1755. He was the oldest son of a …

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…as the vice- presidential nominee twice, but did lose in 1804 and 1808. In 1813 King was again elected to the United States Senate from the state of NY. King continued serving the state of NY for about 7 years. Then from 1825-1826, although in declining health, accepted the position of ambassador to Great Britain again which John Quincy Adams appointed to him. Rufus King passed away on April 29th 1827 after returning to the US with little success overseas.