The life and missions of St. Paul

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Outline 1. Introduction 2. The early life of Saul/Paul 3. The stoning of St. Stephan 4. The blinding of Paul on his way to Damascus 5. The conversion of Saul 6. Saul returns to Jerusalem 7. Paulís Belief and Theology 8. Paulís Teaching Methods 9. The imprisonment and death of Paul 10. The Canonization of Paul 11. The effects of St. Paul on modern world Paul of Tarsus is one of Christian History greatest oddities. He was born and a Zealot. (Cremona P.18) …

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…depth to which Michael explores the tensions of the present comes close to the deep paradox of the present life that Paul knew well. All of this proves the heart of Paul is focused on Christ and this focus extends beyond the first century into ours. Michael's portrait of Paul's heart points to today; this mentor wants Christ to shine energetically on others so that, they too can "bear the light" of Jesus to others.