The injustice of religion in public schools. if our school is supposed to be sectarian, why isnt it?

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Suppose you stand in the middle of a hallway during break, what do you see? Grade 8's madly running towards the cafeteria to beat the line up, the Student Council promoting its latest function, Grade 10's playing Hack-e-Sac, and the Grade 12's in a hurry to finish up their homework for next class. Now, look closer beyond the designer clothing, dyed hair, and glittery make up - into what we are, what makes us, and …

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…it impossible for any class to provide an unbiased perspective on religious beliefs. The question, however, begs to be asked: how do students, parents, and or teachers feel about this though no one has said anything? Has anyone noticed the students that are quietly fading into the background? Where do you draw the line at freedom of speech? And why must one have religion embedded within them to refrain from committing atrocities. Think about it.