The importance of Art, Turner's painting Slave Ship

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How can Art influence our views? Images have been used for thousands of years to change them. For example, the early religious figurines, or the present day modern media, photojournalism. What makes paintings(especially this one) special, is the way they grip you, nearly forcing emotions on you. The story behind it, if orally told is sad, and cruel; but the painting gives a much heightened sense of this, giving it more poigniency, and suffering. …

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…in America, where a great many slaves were brought, and died. This painting serves as a reminder to the Afro-American community, of their suffering at the hands of the Whites. But, the painting transcends that, by the fact that the figures in the water are white, as previously mentioned. This again shows the universality of the painting, allowing it to be seen also by the many other Races in America, who through persecution, came here.