The impact that William Playfair had on the modern ideas of graphing and plotting. Many say that Playfair is the originator of the modern graph.

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William Playfair As A.S. Levens states, in his book, Graphical Methods in Research, many of the currently popular graphical forms are credited to William Playfair (1759-1823), who was a draftsman for another well-known mathematician, James Watt, and brother of the well-known scientist John Playfair (1965: 155). William Playfair was the youngest of the Reverend James Playfair's three sons. The family resided in Dundee, Scotland. William Playfair was educated at home by his father until the age …

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…reasons. He opened many eyes of economists and ruling parties in his day. He showed many people a different way to express numbers, and he showed people just how those numbers could be expressed. I definitely feel that the next time I look at a graph, it will have a separate meaning, not only the numbers expressed in the graph, but also that these numbers represent real people, and that they are not only numbers.