The impact of ICT on society.

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Introduction Before the coming of the industrial revolution, the majority of jobs were in some way linked with agriculture. At this time, communication was solely by word of mouth or written text. The industrial age bought with it, demands for administration and paper work. As time went on, technology was used to develop machines such as the typewriter, telephone and most importantly, the computer. We now live in an 'information age', a society that is …

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…those who get caught speeding on the roads, or perhaps to a majority, examples include the exploit of our personal details by hackers and the internet. Perhaps, even the fear of an emerging big-brother figure, bought about by the implementation of public surveillance. Will the information superhighway turn upon us? Bibliography [1] Metropolitan Police - London District - Website Source [2] Information Systems and Us - Written Source [3] The Coming of the Information Superhighway - Website Source