The history of Panama

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The History Of Panama The first European to land on what is now Panama was the Spanish explorer Rodrigo de Bastidas, who in 1501 went ashore at the site of Portobelo. A year later Christopher Columbus touched on the Panamanian coast. Panama declared itself independent of Spain in 1821 and voluntarily became a part of Colombia. By a treaty of 1846 the United States gained transportation rights across the Panamanian isthmus in return for its recognition of Colombian …

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…rapid increase in population. Except for the final years of the dictatorship, Panama city has been expanding since the 1950's. It has been a fast growing society with its up's and down's but has turned into a great country. The city has grown into an international banking center, there are many ruins in which to visit and enjoy the sights of modern Panama... Sources: Encarta 97' encyclopedia