"The great gatsby": characters.

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Nick Caraway Nick is the book's narrator. The novel is seen through his eyes. Nick is originally from Minnesota and comes from a big family that seems to be very close, he got his education at Yale and shortly thereafter he fought in WWI. He moves to New York to try to make money selling bonds; however he doesn't seem to be doing so well. He decides to move to Long Island with a friend …

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…powerful man. He is also a very arrogant and hypocritical bully. It is clear that he is a racist, and male chauvinist, and he never tries to live up to the moral standards he demands from those around him. He feels no guilt about his affair with Myrtle, but when he suspects Daisy of infidelity he becomes morally outraged and races towards a confrontation. Tom was a member of Nick's circle of friends at Yale.