The ethical tepries of Plato and Aristotle and the state that would produce a more moral society

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“The Ethical Theories of Plato and Aristotle and State which would Produce a More Moral Society.” Moral organized societies do no simply happen. They are products of principle beliefs and strict codes on ethics based on the knowledge of leaders and philosophers. Both Aristotle and Plato had their views on what would make a moral and just society. Aristotle was a Greek philosopher who was born at Stagira in 384 BC and he died in 322 BC. …

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…consideration the belief or feelings of others because he himself feels what he is doing is right or good. But in doing this deed he may cause pain for the other individual. Before carrying out decisions one must decide which one should produce the greatest good. He must ask himself if doing what is right at someone else’s expense is truly the greater good even if he believes he is doing the right thing.