The causes of prohibition and its effects on America.

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The passage of the 18th amendment represents nearly a century of agitation for temperance laws. There were a number of factors that affected the ideas of the Americans of the time, and so eventually when enough support was gained for temperance the 18th amendment was finally passed. Here are the events that led to prohibition and the effect that prohibition had on America, especially in the big cities. The temperance movement really began in 1866 when …

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…graft, kidnapping, etc. Prohibition provided a golden opportunity for the newly arriving immigrant groups. It was not uncommon for all the males of an immigrant family to be involved in one illegal activity or another. Crime was often the fastest if not only way to the top or immigrant families. With the nullification of the 18th amendment by he 21st , organized crime groups were forced back into the more dangerous way of getting money; robbery