The Worst Day of My Life...With Sprinkles on Top

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The Worst Day of My Life...With Sprinkles on Top Even though it is the correct texture, believe me when I say that caramel sauce makes a terrible hair gel! The time I spent working at my uncle's ice cream stand was the worst six hours of my life. If I had had any idea how work would effect my sanity, I would have kept my mouth shut and never asked for a car Working …

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…myself up, mop the floor, wash the counter, and find my nail in the papaya ice cream. I told my uncle that I would go crazy if I had to work another day in his shop, and he laughed at me. I gave up my dream of a new car, and will be perfectly happy borrowing my fathers. That is, I'll be happy as long as I never have to scoop ice cream ever again.