"The World Accordng to Garp" by John Irving.

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Jenna Hecker Freshman Comp, Hoffner Research Paper 5/6/03 Feminism, Ellen James, and The World According to Garp "I begin with an admission: Regardless of all political and economic theories, treating of various fundamental groups within the human race, regardless of class and race distinctions, regardless of all artificial boundary lines between woman's and man's rights, I hold their is a point may meet and grow into one perfect whole" wrote Emma Goldman in "The Tragedy of …

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…feminists, they are radicals who view themselves and all women as victims, and until they can see that they are not victims, and learn to deal with the world as it is, they will not be happy. Irving's point in the novel is that intolerance of any kind is wrong, no matter how noble your cause seems to be. Bibliography: 1) Tobias, Shelia. Faces of Feminism. Westview Press, Colorado, 1997. 2) Irving, John. The World According to Garp