The Wife of Martin Guerre

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Arnaud du Tilh, a rogue and an impostor, deserved punishment for his crimes, and that is what he received. Arnaud, a man once thought by people to be unmistakably Martin Guerre, was sentenced to death. Perhaps in this day an age, a punishment such as this would be excessively severe, however in Arnaud’s time it was considered just. A question can be asked whether Martin Guerre deserves such a punishment as well, because of …

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…t hear how Arnaud had claimed his identity. The legality in Arnaud du Tilh’s actions was non-existent, much less than that of Martin Guerre’s actions. For the both of them, punishment should have followed their behavior, simply because they both were very immoral in what they individually did. But Martin Guerre was left unpunished, at least as far as the law was concerned, and, in the eyes of many, this was an injustice.