The Wahhabi Movement

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The Wahhabi Movement Hibanks24 The founder of the Wahhabi movement was Muhammad b. 'Abd al-Wahhab who was born in 1703 in Uyayna in Najd in the peninsula of what is now Saudi Arabia. He came from a well off family and was thus able to study in the leading universities in Medina, Basra, Baghdad, and Hamadan. He was exposed to philosophy and Sufism in his many years of study and travels. During this time 'Abd al-Wahhab …

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…completely, to get back to the days when pious Muslims were blessed, in the early days of Islam. This story is not yet finished, I don't know were it will take us, but I know there has been too much blood spilled on both sides in this conflict. I hope there can be a resolution that allows the Western and the Eastern worlds to live concurrently in peace without the lost of many more lives.