The Victorian Painting - 'The Sempstress', by Richard Redgrave

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The Victorian era was one of great change in not only the arts, but also society at large. Brittan saw itself as the greatest, most advanced nation of all, leading the world in industrialisation. Despite this, a high percentage of the British population was very poor and this was an ongoing social issue. These people were never seen as worthy subjects of the arts, however in the 1840s painter Richard Redgrave began to draw on …

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…as they could show themselves to have equal social contributions to men. We can also see 'The sempstress' as a historical document that gives us an insight into the Victorian era life. Anyone with an interest British art history, and history more generally for that matter, must look at such accounts of the past as it shows clearly how vital knowledge of past mistakes are if we want to advance and prosper as a society.