The Use of Metaphors in Kafkas Metamorphosis

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In two ways, change is brought about in The Metamorphosis. The first is by allowing time and circumstances determine one’s decisions. The next way is by using courage and conviction to make one’s own decisions. Kafka brings about change with the use of metaphors in The Metamorphosis. The hidden metaphors are there if one can recognize and understand them. Kafka’s crafty use of metaphors throughout his story includes many uses of different …

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…Gregor… If it were Gregor, he would have realized long ago that human beings can’t live with such a creature and he would have gone away of his own free will” (2337). This instills in the reader that Kafka’s metaphor of “the bug” would make anyone disassociate him or herself from the human race. Kafka’s creative and direct use of metaphors makes the literal word of his story a challenge for the reader.