The Use of History

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The Use of History History reaped itself in many cases. By knowing what happened before might give one the ability to predict the future if one encounter the same kind of situation. There is underlining significance behind each circumstance. Whenever people are confused about the current situation whether it is a question of policy, the way we think, or even the way we respond, we look back the past. Amazingly, the answers are usually within. …

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…agree on all of their aspect, but it gives him a whole new way of looking at things. He feels the trip was worth a while. He hopes he will come up with some good solution for the Middle East Issue soon before his presidency. Works Cites Christienne L. Hinz. Lecture of Asian Culture. Ohio State University. Lao Tzu. Dao De Jing. Taipei, Taiwan: National Publish, 1994 D.C. Lau. Confucius Analects. London, English: Penguin Classics, 1979