The United States Policy of Containment During the Cold War

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In evaluating the successes and failures of United States political policies during the Cold War (1945-1990) it is vital to gain a clear understanding of the impact this period had on American history. The policies designed to ensure the containment of communism dramatically effected U. S. diplomacy, the rights of American citizens, the United States economy, NASA and the space program, as well as played a significant role in America's use of force and espionage …

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…of American foreign policy during the Cold War have caused many to question whether communism was truly defeated by capitalism or if communism simply defeated itself. One thing is certain, the collapse of communism has left the world with a stockpile of nuclear weapons and in a state of unstable but peaceful coexistence. We can only hope that the lessons learned from the years of suspicion, secrecy, and paranoia are not lost on future generations.