The United Nations: Why it is suffering and how it can be improved.

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In 1945 the United Nations was founded with the hopes of averting another world war by "Promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all"1. Fifty-seven years later this organization still exists, but not without a seemingly constant barrage of turmoil. In recent years, the UN has faced dwindling finances, criticism of its peacekeeping forces and the indifference of several prominent nations, just to mention a handful of its notable predicaments. Most …

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…becomes nothing more than a slave at the bidding of the world's most powerful country, as Jesse Helms sees it. "Most American's, and lets be candid, do not regard the United Nations as an end in and of itself. To the extent that the UN is effective, the American people will support it. To the extent that it becomes ineffective, or worse, a burden, the American people through their elected representatives will cast it aside" 14