The Truth About Eppie a sequel to Silas Marner

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As Eppie grew on she remained content with the knowledge that Silas was her father and her mother had passed away when she was an infant. This lasted until the day of her twenty-first birthday. On that spring morning Eppie awoke with a feeling of happiness. It was going to be a beautiful day and although the sun was just rising, Eppie could hear a happy melodic chirping out in the fields; the birds were …

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…brightened again "and I'm glad mother is not here if she hates you so much. She's crazy to hate you." Silas explained that it wasn't her fault, that she never knew any different. Eppies eyes suddenly grew large as she remembered the locket in the woods. "It's okay, I don't need anything but my father" Eppie silently told herself and from that moment on, Eppie called Silas father and nothing else would be heard from.