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The Trial of Socrates Socrates is certainly not guilty of the crimes he is accused of. He is not corrupting the youth of Athens and he does indeed believe in gods. His manner is uncommon and because of that he is feared by his accusers (Meletus, Anytus, Lycon, et al.). Justice will be miscarried if he is put to death. Meletus has brought before the court the accusation that Socrates does not believe in the …

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…be put to death? He tells them that they should place the importance of the soul above that of wealth. They are not corrupted by him, they just enjoy watching him prove others wrong. The real crime that he is being charged with is the embarrassing of ‘wise' men. Nothing more. Was Socrates being inconsistant with his views of which laws he should be most loyal to (his conscience or the laws of the state)?