The Time Machine

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The story begins with an assembly of men in their usual discussion group; the group consists of an assortment of different classes of men with, somewhat, conflicting political and philosophical views on society. One of the characters at the discussion group, who refers to himself as I, is retelling the whole story to the reader. The protagonist of the story, known to the reader as "The Time Traveler," opens the discussion on the first night …

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…Thomas Henry Huxley. Soon after, another grant led him to learn at the London University. Wells therefrom graduated with a degree in biology. After earning his degree, Wells worked several jobs. He worked as a draper's apprentice, bookkeeper, tutor, and as a journalist until in 1895 when Wells discovered his true calling in life, writing. During his earlier years as a writer Wells persevered to express his philosophies on the devastating threat technology exerted on mankind.